• Is your child struggling in school ?
  • Have they been diagnosed with a disability like ADHD, autism, asperger's disorder, or deveolpmental delays ?
  • Has your child been suspended or has had the school district lace a CHINS on them ?
  • Have you been asking the school to give your child special education services, or a different class ?
  • Does your child have an Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan ?


Your Special Education Legal Advocate.

If your Massachusetts school district is not working with you, or listening to your concerns, you need look no further for effective assistance at a reasonable cost.

Special Needs childrenAs the parent of four children, Attorney Barboza became involved with special education issues through her twins who were born with disabilities.

She fought for services and programs for her own children, and has effectively defended the rights of others to receive the educational benefits they need, whenever school districts and medical insurance companies try to deny them.

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The federal and state laws governing special education are complex and difficult for parents to navigate. Attorney Barboza can assist you in determining your child's educational and civil rights under the law.


Attorney Barboza has extensive experience in obtaining guardianships for minors and incapacitated adults, including Rogers Monitors for use of anti-psychotic medications.
What happens when a relative takes care of a child when a parent is unable to do so? Parents have constitutionally guaranteed rights to custody of their children A guardianship will give the care taker legal rights over the child.

If your loved one did not write a power of attorney how can you help if they become incapacitated? Who will manage their day to day needs, make medical decisions or control their money? A guardianship and conservatorship can help the caretaker ensure that the thoer loved one is provided for and cared for properly.
Guardianships and Conservatorships are complicated and require the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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